Personnel attendance control systems are developed in order to determine the entry and exit hours of the employees to /from the workplace and calculate the monthly salary according to the entrance and exit times automatically. The same applies to schools and learning institutions to manage the entry and exit of learners

The devices used for the personnel attendance control are; card reader, fingerprint reading and face recognition, and they all use the same software. The software can provide reports such as entry, exit , late comings ,early leavings, overtime working and absenteeism, as well as adding the deductions and add-ons and reaches to the net progress payment at the end of the month by calculating the salary . It helps to release the official accrual by transferring the data to payroll programs.


A face recognition device is mounted on a suitable wall or turnstile where the personnel are passing. The face owner, who is given admin authority, introduces the faces of the personnel to the device. The face recognition device scans and saves the faces of the personnel in 2 dimensions at different angles and distances. Afterwards, the personnel approach and look at the camera at a distance of 30-60 cm and the device provides access by recognizing personnel in less than 1 second.


In addition to the backups of the personnel, the desired number of fingerprints are defined to the device. The device gives a number to that personnel after it recognizes the fingerprint. This number is matched to the PDKS programme by defining. When the personnel puts finger to the device, the fingerprint reader scans the fingerprints of his / her from memory and it gives the correct result and allows to pass and the name of the personnel with the voice of Tesekkurler in Turkish ( means thanks) is displayed on the screen.


The proximity cards given to the personnel are read by approaching the card reader. The personnel card system, which takes all of the cards in the memory, sends the data to the personnel attendance control programme and ensures the control of entry and exit making personnel. It realizes the net Salary calculation according to the additional earnings, overtime, advance, late comings and early leavings at the end of the month.