Globsyn offer a range of asset tags to help manage assets in general operating environments and also in extreme manufacturing, mining and industrial environments. Our flagship asset tags products are made of anodized aluminum of size 39x13mm which come with acetone activate adhesive. These tags are ideal for assets with a long lifespan of around 8 years. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors assets with the capability to withstand high temperature and corrosive environments. Barcoded for digitized management – these labels are highly customizable offering multi-colour logos, fonts, photos, graphics and barcode formats.

Comprehensive Barcode Asset Tracking Solution for Tracking Assets from Acquisition through to Disposal has the following benefits.

  • Track and manage assets using barcodes.
  • Simplify equipment checkout
  • Improve physical audits
  • Track assets from acquisition through to disposal
  • Take control of your leased assets

Our Asset tagging products

Standard Label Printing – When it comes to asset labels and serialized barcode labels, just tell us what you need to have printed on the labels and we will produce exactly what you need.

Plastic Card Printing – We produce top quality plastic (PVC) cards for badging and security or any other card printing specialty.

RFID Encoding – RFID is a relatively new concept for use in supply management but is gaining in its adoption.  For example, anyone supplying products to the Department of Defense or Wal-Mart are required to utilize RFID tags in compliance with their specific guidelines and regulations.  The good news is you do not have to purchase and integrate your own RFID printing and encoding system.

Physical Asset Tagging – Your company may require you to take a periodic inventory of your assets and may be considering moving to an automatic data collection solution that employs barcode labels and/or RFID tags.  Globsyn has the experience and expertise to help you get your automated asset management system started by coming to your location and tagging of your assets.

Barcode Scanners

There are two types of barcode scanners are majorly used with fixed asset management solutions to quickly and accurately read barcodes and serial numbers during tagging and verification. They are:-
■ Hand-held barcode scanners- Require to be connected directly to the computer using a USB cable for it to be operated
■ Portable scanners- Have inbuilt memory for storage of scanned data.